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Starting a Startup in Ohio

Starting a Startup in Ohio? You’ve come to the right place. It’s no surprise that Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus are becoming quite a hotbed of new startups.

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The 3 Documents Your Startup Can’t Live Without

When starting a new business, creating a product, or building software, there are three essential documents you need to move forward responsibly.

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Does your startup need a prenup?

Before you jump headfirst into business marriage, take a moment, breathe, and think through some of the ‘what if’ scenarios you might encounter.

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The Business Break Up

Planning for, or at least thinking through the potential split of a partner(s) is a critical responsibly that all founders must account for.

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Tackling Your Terms of Service

The Terms of Service, or Terms and Conditions is a legal tool used by digital entrepreneurs to explain and caveat the services and security they will be delivering to their clients.

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Do I still need a contract if my business is an LLC?

What does an LLC really cover, and should you be using a service agreement, contract or other protection document as you engage clients, partners or employees?

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Surviving your start-up

Creating a startup business from the ground up is never an easy feat. It takes plenty of time, money and sometimes, a negative toll on your mind and body. However, thanks to modern technology and professional legal services, start-up businesses are now able to grow and run smoothly.

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The Appearance of Benefit Corporations

Benefit corporations are for-profit businesses that formally and legally commit to act for public and environmental benefit.

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