on January 13, 2012
by Scot Ganow

Think Privacy Blog: January is Data Privacy Month (Who knew, right?)



As the New Year naturally brings us all to assess where we have been and where we want to be this time next year, it is only appropriate that January has become Data Privacy Month.  Some of you may already know that Data Privacy Day has been in late January for a number of years and is recognized throughout the world.  Now, I am not going to suggest that increasing your awareness of data privacy in your personal or professional life is as high a priority as better health, losing weight, saving more money or spending more time with loved ones, but it should be something on which you reflect.  As I have posted before, a value for privacy is as diverse as each one of us.  We all think differently on what we share and when we share it.

However, regardless of those extremes or maybe  because of them, Data Privacy Month and the organizations supporting and promoting it (like Burton Law) have provided you as little or as much as you might want to know about ways to improve your understanding of data privacy and implementation of your choices on the Data Privacy Day web site.  And, in the spirit of renewal and assessment, this month we will be tweeting a daily privacy tip geared to help you easily assess where you are with respect to your privacy preferences and how they match up with reality.

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