Starting a Startup in Ohio? You’ve come to the right place.

on September 13, 2014
by Burton Law

It’s no surprise that Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus are becoming quite a hotbed of new startups. A combination of new incubators, educational programs, and increased interest from the funding community make Ohio an increasingly attractive first home for many new businesses. In 2013 the total ...

Guiding Principles

Benjamin D. Cramer

Cincinnati, Ohio -- Of Counsel


Robert L. Guehl

Dayton, OH

The 3 Documents Your Startup Can’t Live Without.

by Burton Law

When starting a new business, creating a product, or building software, there are three essential documents you need to move forward responsibly. 1. Business Incorporation Paperwork           Before you bring on clients, or start investing money in your idea, you should ...


Brandon R. Cogswell

Washington, D.C.