on September 13, 2014
by Burton Law

Starting a Startup in Ohio? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s no surprise that Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus are becoming quite a hotbed of new startups. A combination of new incubators, educational programs, and increased interest from the funding community make Ohio an increasingly attractive first home for many new businesses.

In 2013 the total amount of funding dollars invested in Northwest Ohio alone reached $259 Million. A figure not seen since our pre-recession days. This attraction however is not recent, it is a combination of years of planning, advocacy and frankly just plain old hard work.

This trend of growth, and increased community support is an attractive proposition for any new startup, entrepreneur or small business looking for a nest. Here are just a few of the programs, and events to check out if you’re new to the Ohio startup club.

Tech Columbus

Offering three incubators with full service facilities and every amenity a business could ask for. Springbox Labs, The DEC and Innovate New Albany each have their own style. Paired perfectly with coaching, mentorship, and investment opportunities business who grow within these spaces stand a greater chance of success.

Dayton’s Tech Town

Dayton’s landscape of incubators also knows as Dayton’s Tech Town offers a blend of high tech, manufacturing and aerospace facilities. Making it easy to find just the right fit for your unique idea. Check out The Entrepreneurs Center, Dayton RFID Convergence Center, Ohio’s Aerospace Hub, and Creative Technology Accelerator.

Cincinnati Style

Startups are flocking to this booming tech-centric city. One of the fastest growing tech communities in the nation, Cincinnati boasts a phenomenal array of accelerator programs and events.

The Brandery

One of the leading accelerator programs in the entire US, the Brandery offers each participant $20,000.00 in seed funding, coaching, mentorship and support.


Cincitech provides funding and support specific to every stage in a startup’s life cycle. Focusing on Enterprise software, Bioscience products, Digital Marketing technologies, and Digital Healthcare services it’s clear their vision is to assist in the growth of business that will produce jobs and cultivate talent in the Southwest Ohio region.


Finding funding is no easy task, no matter the size, or age of a start up. Cincitech is a first of it’s kind blend of public and private financing aimed to infuse local organization with the funding they need to get off the ground and grow.

Startup Ohio | A Startup America Community

An online community of entrepreneurs, industry partners, mentors, investors and fans based throughout Ohio. Offering webinars, training, support and education for every stage of your business.


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