on October 28, 2011
by Chad E. Burton

Ditch the Paper

Technology has allowed businesses ‑ regardless of industry ‑ to improve their workforce mobility, effectiveness and bottom line. At this point in the game, there is no reason why business owners should not explore improving their company’s technology to enhance their competitive edge. New and innovative ways to use technology literally arise on a daily basis.

The challenge with new technology is to see through the clutter and implement the right system or product. While this may involve time and energy, the upside is huge.

We have adopted this mindset at Burton Law. Technology drives our efficiency and our ability to provide cost-effective services to our clients. Here is one example where technology resulted in a week of cutting-edge depositions that lacked one thing ‑ paper. This article originally appeared on Small Firm Innovation and was the LitigationWorld pick of the week on technolawyer.com: Ditch the Paper for Depositions.

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