on November 2, 2011
by Chad E. Burton

Cover Bands Don’t Change the World

Innovation is a hot topic in the business world, perhaps more so than ever due to Steve Jobs’ recent passing.  A byproduct of our struggling economy has been that people are starting new and innovative businesses that may not otherwise have been started if they remained employed.  Existing businesses also are thriving in ways they never imagined because they changed the game in their industry.

To the contrary, some businesses erect defense barriers and move into survival mode - failing to capitalize on opportunities.  Every day, business owners wake up with the option to stay complacent or to innovate.

The following article, which originally appeared on Small Firm Innovation, highlights ideas on ways to innovate that are applicable to any type of business:  http://www.smallfirminnovation.com/2011/08/cover-bands-dont-change-the-world/.  How do you avoid being your industry’s next cover band?

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