on July 4, 2014
by Burton Law

Happy Independence Day from Burton Law!

On this patriotic day, we would like to celebrate and give thanks for America’s hard earned and defended independence. Independence that gives our clients the ability to bring their hopes into fruition, to create jobs, and to contribute to the growing world around us.

Starting a business is a true American privilege. Entrepreneurialism is embraced, and exalted not only as a sign of achievement but of courage, boldness and integrity. We are fortunate enough to witness America’s unwavering desire to build, create, and dream everyday in the startups that we work with.

“I look forward to a great future for America. A future in which our country will match its strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, and its power with our purpose.” John F. Kennedy

Endless Opportunity

America is such a unique market for starting businesses because we have a diverse culture combined with the economic power and the intelligence to demand top notch products and services. There’s a reason why this country attracts so much diversity from all over the globe, and that is because of innovation and progress. It may sound like a pipe dream, but the people who have the drive to succeed will find it here in some shape or form.

People from all over the world have come to the states hoping to realize this dream. They bring their ambitions but they also bring their culture. Imagine what the United States would look like without our diversity in language, food, holidays, or music. This opens the door for an endless amount of opportunity to create products, services, and build companies to meet the ever changing needs of our nation.

From giants like Microsoft, Apple, IPG, Google, to smaller companies like LinkedIn and Solarwinds, our businesses change the way we live in the world around us — each of which started with just an idea, and ambition. These three startups below are aiming to do the same, and continue to motivate us to help every entrepreneur build their dream too.


FiscalNote’s mission is to unlock government data and make it useful. Whether legislation, regulations, or court cases, all this information is in the form of unstructured data, and they aim to clean it up. They aggregate government data across all 50 states, D.C., and Congress. They run advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to find useful trends relating to the government data and present it through beautiful visualizations.


Suneris prides itself in utilizing scientific ingenuity to solve complex problems with hopes to better society. Taking lessons from scientists, philosophers, and scholars around the world, Suneris is currently researching products to expedite the healing cycle in the human body, a truly marvelous feat.


This startup has changed the world of education around the globe, and it has given university level classes FREE to anyone with an internet connection.

Offering classes in multiple languages online, this company has exploded over the past couple of years and is now offering classes where the participants actually get a certificate which may be used in a university for credit.

At Burton Law, we are also fortunate to have our own culture of sharing ideas and communicating. Reflecting on our nation’s history is a helpful reminder of the greatness of our country and how fortunate we are to be apart of the business community. Happy Fourth of July from Burton Law, wishing you a great holiday weekend!


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