on November 12, 2013
by Burton Law

Burton Law Partners with The Entrepreneurs Center

On Monday, November 11, 2013, Burton Law initiated creation of a “legal lab” within The Entrepreneurs Center, the Dayton region’s business incubator. The lab will allow Burton Law to continually hone technology as its competitive edge, serve as a training facility for a fleet of new lawyers, and provide a proving ground in the firm’s continuing mission to evolve the legal profession.

Burton Law was founded to take the traditional law firm model and turn it on its head. The firm’s technology platform allows lawyers to practice remotely from anywhere in the country, which greatly reduces overhead and inefficiencies. Burton Law has grown steadily since its inception. It is now on the cusp of a nationwide expansion, which will rely on the infrastructure and training facilities being established in The Entrepreneurs Center.

“The goal is to have a place to continue cultivating new ways of delivering legal services from a technical and personal perspective,” says Burton Law’s founding attorney, Chad Burton. “The lab incubates and implements new ways of doing legal services while training new people that join the firm as we expand.”

At the lab, Burton Law will educate new lawyers in the technologies and practices that make the firm successful. According to Burton, this increases training efficiency and, more importantly,  helps new members adopt the vision and culture of this uniquely modern law firm.

“It creates a center to foster innovation and keeps the mindset there,” says Burton. “It puts their work in the context of an evolving profession.”

Barbara Hayde, President of The Entrepreneurs Center, said the decision to partner Burton Law moved quickly once it materialized.

“I think it is pretty exciting that we are going to have such an innovative approach to the practice of law here,” says Hayde.

The Entrepreneurs Center was incorporated as an incubator in 1998 with “the intention to provide proper care and nurturing of individuals willing to take the risk to foster economic development and invest in the region by starting up technology enterprises.”

Hayde believes this new partnership is aligned with that vision.

“They’re creating a huge paradigm shift in the legal profession to get people to think differently about how they run their businesses,” says Hayde. “They’re plowing new ground here, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”


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