on April 1, 2014
by Burton Law

Burton Law’s Drone Program Solves Lack of Printer Ink Problem

We like to pride ourselves as innovative, disruptive and any other fancy term that describes a culture of change in the legal profession. We constantly keep an eye on ways to improve client service — often looking to our friends in the tech space for inspiration. One trend seems to be particularly ripe for our use — drones.

The team at Burton Law is excited to announce our Online Legal Services Drone Delivery Program.

Here is how it works/why it matters:

Our existing online delivery services provide a unique opportunity to have business/estate planning documents created through web-based interactions with our team of lawyers. A client signs up through our website, fills out questionnaires, the documents are generated and reviewed by Burton Law attorneys, and then upon consultation with the client, the documents are sent to the client in electronic form for signature.

The above paragraph current service offerings. The problem? When it comes time for the client to print the documents for signature, they may find that their printer is out of ink. How inconvenient!

The solution? For no additional charge, our Burton Drones will deliver hard copies of the legal documents to our clients’ doorsteps. We even think that the drones can open and place the documents in mailboxes to make sure the documents stay dry during inclement weather.

We expect to roll out the drone army in 4Q 2014. Keep an eye out for the revolution!

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