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Companies today face unprecedented challenges in dealing with the collection, use and disclosure of their customers’ and employees’ personal information. With its business focus, Burton Law understands not only the legal and regulatory challenges facing clients today, but also the operational and market pressures associated with the various aspects of running a business. Data privacy and security are critical parts of that business and will only continue to grow in complexity and scope as technology advances and information moves at ever-increasing speed.   Businesses today can rarely operate without some involvement with personally identifiable data and thus must negotiate the myriad of state, federal and international regulations governing information collection, use and transfer. Regardless of their size and business sector, companies must incorporate data privacy and security into their business planning.

But rather than being viewed as compliance burdens, data privacy and security should be seen as business opportunities. Properly planned and implemented, responsible information management programs can help companies stay out of the legal and public relations quagmires that come with the seemingly daily occurrence of unauthorized data disclosures, security breaches and resulting enforcement actions. However, these are also opportunities to demonstrate trust and respect for one’s customers and employees.  This trust and respect enable companies to attract and retain critical customers and can deepen those relationships through the sharing of more information.

Recognizing a client’s expertise with data privacy and security, not to mention the internal resources to manage them vary significantly, Burton Law meets clients where they are today.  Beyond providing legal counsel on data privacy and security matters, Burton goes further in providing a comprehensive service offering enabling a client to not only be compliant, but to capitalize on the value of its information. Burton Law helps its clients in each step of the information life cycle by providing the following services:

  1. Assessment
  2. Implementation
  3. Audit and Strategy

At Burton, we are your business partner.  We implement solutions that balance a company’s unique needs, meeting it at whatever stage of data privacy and security management it finds itself.