Burton Law Is:

This Is Burton

“The way things have always been done” is not always the right answer. Burton Law has dismantled the traditional law firm model and turned it on its head. Burton Law’s structure has been recognized as one of the leading virtual law firm models.

We use the latest technology available not as crutch, but as the driving force to advance client service. We meet with clients personally. However, our lawyers are not contained within a typical brick and mortar setting under one roof. Technology allows our lawyers to practice in a greater geographic footprint while maintaining a work environment as if we are sitting in an office next to one another.

As business and individuals have adapted to a “new normal” in the current economy, they expect their service providers, including lawyers, to provide efficient, affordable representation. That is what we have done. Our model uses best practices from big and small law firms to give our clients the quality representation they deserve.